Upstream Stories

stories that move beyond the screen

Stories are everywhere. Around the corner, up the stream. In Upstream Stories we support people in telling their own unique stories in a digital form, connecting people both on and off the screen.

Sorry for the mess, we’re updating our website.

We're all about participatory media

Upstream Stories is a non-profit organization, working to offer a voice to people with fewer opportunities through participatory media. We do:

  • Digital Storytelling projects/workshops
  • Participatory photography projects/workshops
  • Facilitator workshops (learn how to facilitate the methods)
  • Developing learning materials

Some of the Digital Stories created during our workshops

Meet the Board of Upstream Stories

Signe Sander

Chairperson and co-founder of Upstream Stories

Kasia Kowalska

Vice chairperson and co-founder of Upstream Stories

Dorthe Bækby Olesen

Treasurer and co-founder of Upstream Stories

Ana Farelo

Board member and co-founder of Upstream Stories

Lena Shandrak

Board member of Upstream Stories

Have Any Questions?

We’re always open to project or cooperation proposals, internationally or locally in Denmark. Also if you’re interested in being a part of Upstream Stories, give us a shout.

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