Everyone Has a Story to Tell

Facilitator training in Aghveran, Armenia September 2017

A training course for 25 youth workers and leaders who came together to explore the mechanisms of social exclusion and learn how, through digital storytelling, young people with fewer opportunities can share their stories, feel more empowered, and engage in a constructive dialogue within the societies they live in.

Samten who took part in “Everyone Has a Story to Tell” says
“I had the opportunity to be on the project about digital storytelling organized by Kas, Signe and Ana a few month ago and I’m glad I had the chance to participate.
During the training, even though I’m working in the field of photo and video, I’ve been able to acquire some really interesting knowledges and also some new approach of understanding the tool I work with on a daily base.
The team was really nice and was really trying to get the best from every each one of us.
The pedagogic method was really kind and well leaded.
Since then I had the opportunity to use this knowledge on other Erasmus+ project and also for personal projects.”


ICIRLD (Armenia)

Dialogos (Germany)

Link to the videos:

Everyone Has a Story to Tell
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