Tell Me About You


Tell Me About You was an Erasmus + training course for youth workers from across Europe who  came together to explore the method of Digital Storytelling and learned how to use it for supporting young people who are facing social or cultural challenges. To enable participants to become confident as facilitators and understand the method fully, Tell Me About You provided them with a set of activities that were implemented in the course of five months:

  • Training course on Digital Storytelling (Denmark, November 2019) aiming at introducing the method
  • Local Digital Storytelling workshops (November 2019 – February 2020) implemented by participants for young people in their communities
  • Sum-up seminar (Moldova, February 2020) focusing on reflecting on the method and planning how to use it further on

In the last stage of the project participants had a chance to reflect on their role as facilitators based on their experiences from the local workshops. In result, they created a Digital Storytelling Trouble Shooting Manual for facilitators which contains the most common challenges in a Digital Storytelling workshop and ways to address them.


Digital Stories from Tell Me About You

The Partnership

Introducing the partners of Tell Me About You
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